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Once the instances are provisioned to AWS using a Terraform script, I need to configure them using Ansible. To tell Ansible the remote targets to configure, I wrote an inventory file that lists the IP addresses and the hostnames. Each time I created the AWS sandbox, the IP addresses changed and I needed to copy-paste them on the inventory file. Since this list was growing too fast, I opted for using a template and letting Terraform do this job.

Terraform provider local allows to write files locally provided the file path and the file content. The file path is ansible/inventory. The file content can be generated at run time using a template that contains some variables. So I created the file iac/templates/inventory.tftpl.

controller-0    ansible_host=${controller-0-public-ip}    private_ip=${controller-0-private-ip}     private_dns=${controller-0-private-dns}
controller-1    ansible_host=${controller-1-public-ip}    private_ip=${controller-1-private-ip}     private_dns=${controller-1-private-dns}


worker-0    ansible_host=${worker-0-public-ip}      private_ip=${worker-0-private-ip}   private_dns=${worker-0-private-dns}
worker-1    ansible_host=${worker-1-public-ip}      private_ip=${worker-1-private-ip}   private_dns=${worker-1-private-dns}


The variables are filled with the values of the resources in the Terraform configuration using the function templatefile that takes two arguments: the template file path and a dictionary with the values to be assigned to the variables.

resource "local_file" "inventory" {
  content  = templatefile(
        controller-0-public-ip   = module.ec2_instance[0].public_ip,
        controller-0-private-ip  = module.ec2_instance[0].private_ip,
        controller-0-private-dns = module.ec2_instance[0].private_dns,
        controller-1-public-ip   = module.ec2_instance[1].public_ip,
        controller-1-private-ip  = module.ec2_instance[1].private_ip,
        controller-1-private-dns = module.ec2_instance[1].private_dns,
        worker-0-public-ip       = module.ec2_workers[0].public_ip,
        worker-0-private-ip      = module.ec2_workers[0].private_ip,
        worker-0-private-dns     = module.ec2_workers[0].private_dns,
        worker-1-public-ip       = module.ec2_workers[1].public_ip,
        worker-1-private-ip      = module.ec2_workers[1].private_ip,
        worker-1-private-dns     = module.ec2_workers[1].private_dns,
        ssh-private-key          = "kthw.pem"
  filename = "${path.module}/../ansible/inventory"

Github repository commit here!

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