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Kubernetes The Hard Way - Write Ansible inventory from template with Terraform

1 minute read

Once the instances are provisioned to AWS using a Terraform script, I need to configure them using Ansible. To tell Ansible the remote targets to configure, I wrote an inventory file that lists the IP addresses and the hostnames. Each time I created the AWS sandbox, the IP addresses changed and I needed to copy-paste them on the inventory file. Since this...

Inspecting HTTP Cache-Control

4 minute read

I was following the ACloudGuru tutorial to setup a web server with httpd on a EC2 instance and a AWS Cognito Identity Pool.

Host a Go Gin web application with AWS S3 and EC2

2 minute read

Few months ago I wrote a REST API service with Go and the Gin Web Framework that performs basic CRUD operations on PostgreSQL database. I was using it through curl and Postman but I wanted the freedom to call the API from every device and location. So, I needed a web page to make HTTP requests from a smartphone as well and a machine running 24/7.

Github ci/cd pipeline to deploy Azure App Service

2 minute read

For the Microsoft Azure Trial Hackathon on DEV I created a web application to basically perform CRUD operations on a Azure SQL Database. The source code is hosted on GitHub and I decided to use GitHub Actions to create a CICD pipeline.

Merging a local repository to an existing remote repository

1 minute read

Very often happens that I start versioning some software locally and I push it remotely later :octocat:. When I decide it is the moment to keep the code safe and sound on Github, the procedure to merge a local-only repository to a fresh remote repository is not straight forward.